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Typically, wedding rings are worn within the fourth finger on the left hand. However , different cultures may possibly wear them upon other fingertips. In some countries, the finger is referred to as the unidentified finger. Other folks call it the digitus medicinalis.

In the past, within a ring to the wedding ring ring finger was taken into consideration a sign his response of dedication. It was as well thought that the veins for this ring finger directly coupled to the heart. Inside the 1600s, a tradition called the vena amoris, or ‘Vein of Love’, was well-known. During this time, the vein was thought to run directly from the fourth ring finger to the cardiovascular.


Although wearing a arena on the wedding party digit is certainly not a universal symbol, it is just a common mark used to show commitment. In some cultures, also, it is a symbol of romantic endeavors.

In Western Europe, the ring finger is generally worn on the left. In some elements of Eastern and Central European countries, the wedding ring is normally worn relating to the right palm. In some Orthodox and Catholic countries, the ring is normally worn for the ring little finger of your left hand. In the United States, the diamond ring is usually donned on the left hand.

According to culture, the ring ring finger might be known to as the digitus quartus or digitus IV. In some Semitic languages, it can be referred to as the bansur. The ring ring finger is also the most popular place to get a wedding band. In some nationalities, it is also the site for an engagement ring.